Amis eating utensil holder

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Amis eating utensil holder
Artist: Hualien Association of Indigenous Industries
Size: 23.5cm x 8cm (9.5 in x 3 in) 

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Product Description

The traditional Amis society was matrilineal with the males responsible for the governance of the community and the females responsible for overseeing the home and traditional ceremonies. When a young woman of marrying age wanted to show her interest in a young man, she would request her mother to help her make a lover's bag to present to him during the annual Harvest Festival, one of the most important events of the year for Amis communities. If he accepted, this meant that a period of courtship could begin. Thus, the lover's bag is a symbol of mutual commitment. After marriage, the husband continued to wear this lover's bag to represent his everlasting love for his wife.

        Today, couples do not have to wait for the annual Harvest Festival. They can express their affection for one another anytime through modern communication devices such as the cell phone. The lover's bag represents the matrilineal culture of the Amis and the courage of a young woman to express her love. An Amis lover's bag motif has been used to decorate this handmade cloth utensil holder, perfect for taking along on picnics and outings. It can be used to hold chopsticks, fork and/or spoon. 

Note: Eating utensils are not included. 

Artist lntroduction

Traditional indigenous community lifestyles are gradually disappearing and economic opportunities in indigenous communities are limited, forcing many residents to move elsewhere in search of employment. This has made it difficult for traditions, history, art forms and language to be passed on, creating further cultural crises. The Hualien Association of Indigenous Industries was established to attempt to reverse some of these trends.

        This association serves as a non-profit platform for the marketing and promotion of cultural and creative products produced by indigenous designers and artisans. Its missions are to pass on and preserve Taiwan's indigenous history and culture, develop indigenous traditional arts, promote indigenous art and cultural exchanges and encourage inter-disciplinary collaborations and alliances to increase economic opportunities and improve the quality of life for Taiwan's indigenous peoples.

    It does this by visiting indigenous communities to understand traditional art forms and to record them in an effort to pass them on to future generations. This association does not only focus on the traditional, but seeks to add modern functions, encouraging indigenous artisans to develop products for contemporary people's lives that are infused with cultural meaning.