Desktop name card holder

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Desktop name card holder
Artist: Grass
Size: 40 cm (16 in) (H) x 13 cm (5 in)
Weight (g): 1150

Shipping (EMS): USD$ 20
The final shipping charge is based
on the total weight of the order.

Price: USD$ 42.28
Payment: Paypal


Product Description

This desktop name card/letter holder will be the talk of the office. The head is made from a smooth stone found along the shores of eastern Taiwan. The braided headband and feather allude to an Amis tribal warrior. The base of the name card holder is also made from stone, obtained from the eastern coast of Taiwan. The shaft and name card/letter clamps are metal.


Artist lntroduction


Grass is a member of the Amis tribe from Jian Township in Hualien County, located in eastern Taiwan. He integrates his past work experience as an electrician with local resources such as driftwood, stone and coconut shells to create unique lamps. He notes that traditionally driftwood was used by Taiwan’s indigenous peoples to create furniture, for building and as firewood. Grass enjoys contact with art and nature, and began creating works six or seven years ago. Several years ago, he opened a workshop to produce his lamps full time, as well as leather products including bracelets, notebook covers, cell phone covers and handbags.