About Us

Many of the indigenous peoples of Asia share common challenges such as economic and social marginalization, disappearance of languages and traditions as young people leave their communities in search of study and employment opportunities and lack of awareness of their culture and cultural products in international markets.

In 2006, Tribe-Asia saw a chance to make a difference. As Tribe-Asia is based in Taiwan, it has focused on working with indigenous artisans all around Taiwan to bring their handicrafts and art works to a broader, global audience. It has begun to expand on this focus to include indigenous and ethnic artisans and communities in the Asian region.

Tribe-Asia purchases works directly from the artists and artisans, or through responsible NGOs, to ensure fair prices to producers and genuine and meaningful works to buyers all over the world. Information about the artists and artisans, as well as cultural meanings, background and photos of their works, can be found in the online store section.

Tribe-Asia, working in partnership with responsible tour operators and indigenous villages and communities, is also developing exciting travel itineraries into Taiwan’s indigenous communities.