Love, Net Fishing, Sharing: Ceroh Community Mini Tour

In the southern part of Hualien County is a small community called Ceroh in the indigenous Amis language (or Zhiluo in Chinese). The people of this community tell of an ancient legend of the indigenous Amis tribe - about a weaver and the sun.

 Long, long ago, in the skies above the community hung ten fireballs. This greatly impacted on the people. Many brave warriors lost their lives trying to destroy these fireballs, leaving many women in the community to grieve. Then, one warrior used his skill at weaving nets to eliminate seven of the fireballs. He ultimately subdued the remaining three. He allowed one to become the sun and another the moon. The last one broke itself into small pieces forming the stars. Such a beautiful story is representative of the charm of the Ceroh Community.


Ceroh Community Industry/Ecology/Culture-themed Mini Tours 


Rice Art DIY


Introduction to locally grown rice

DIY explanation

Unique in Taiwan!


Amis Lover's Bag


The betel nut bag was a very important daily use item. It was produced by women. Mothers made them for their children or a single woman would give this type of bag to her love interest.



Lunch by Ina


Ina means mother in the Amis language. Savor the flavors of locally produced foods, grown using ecologically friendly farming methods. 



River Treasure Hunt


Learn about Nature's refrigerator, the Xiuguluan River!

Follow in the footsteps of Amis ancestors.

Ecological tour

Casting of fishing net/gathering of shellfish and wild greens

Food and fun!



1. Please cherish each grain of rice grown by the community's hardworking farmers during the Rice Art DIY activity.

2. The dining area is outdoors and there is no air conditioning.

3. If participating in river activities, please prepare a change of clothes and sunscreen. Those who do well at casting a fishing net can purchase items from the community's gift shop at 25% off.



Situated in the central section of the East River Valley with the Wuhe Plateau in the distance and adjacent to the Xiuguluan River basin. It can be reached from County Road 193 (Lede Highway) between the 95.5 and 97 kilometer markers.