Amis handmade pottery bead earrings

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Amis handmade pottery bead earrings
Artist: Piyaw
Size: 8cm (3 in)
Weight(g): 10

Shipping (EMS): USD$ 10.5
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Price: USD$ 16.22
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Product Description

This pair of earrings features hand crafted pottery beads in cylindrical and disk shapes, as well as colorful beadwork. Clay was a material traditionally used by the Amis tribe to make a special ceremonial pottery called atomo, as well as everyday use items. Leftover pieces of clay were hand formed to create ornaments and accessories.

Artist lntroduction


Piyaw is a member of the Amis tribe, living in Taibalang Village in Hualien County in eastern Taiwan. She began to create pottery in 1994 as a hobby. Then, in 2002, she studied how to make pottery beads. Traditionally, Amis made ornaments using natural, local materials, and even from leftover clay from making everyday ceramic objects. But, there was no purposeful research and development. Today, Piyaw works to combine her pottery beads with smaller, colored beads to create unique accessories and wall hangings.