Paiwan multi bead bracelet

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Paiwan multi bead bracelet
Artist: Sha Tao
Size: 23cm (9 in) with bead enclosure or one-size-fits-all with elastic band
Weight(g): 60

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Product Description

Glass beads are one of the treasures of the Paiwan tribe. From oral legends, these beads magically appeared in the wilderness or are associated with tribal legends, and today their origins remain unclear. As there were no records left on how to make these beads or the materials that were used, Paiwan artists in Sandimen Township in Taiwan’s southern Pingtung County have carried out research to re-create them, each one with a special motif and meaning, such as an eye, feathers of a peacock, the lily flower or tears of the sun.

These artists have also been working to apply these motifs to more contemporary, but still handmade, glass bead works. For example, this bracelet includes multiple beads some with traditional designs and some with purely artistic designs.


Note: Please allow for variation in the beads that make up each bracelet. Bracelets come with a bead enclosure or elastic band. If you have a preference, please e-mail to at the time that you place your order.

Bracelets are sold separately. 

Artist lntroduction


Sha Tao is a member of the Paiwan tribe from Sandimen Township in southern Taiwan. He first entered the art world as a dancer. On international tours, he would bring glass and ceramic beads to give as gifts and to sell. He found that they were very popular and unique to Taiwan’s indigenous Paiwan and Rukai tribes. They are also one of the cultural treasures of the Paiwan. From this experience, Sha Tao made the decision to open a workshop to produce glass and ceramic bead accessories and art works.