Amis hand beaded necklace

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Amis hand beaded necklace
Artist: Anor Miku
Size: 26 inch chain
Weight(g): 160

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Product Description

    Traditionally, Amis women wore long multi-strand necklaces during important ceremonies, made from local, natural materials such as wood and shells. However, much of the traditional arts and ornaments of the Amis tribe can no longer be found in Amis villages, having been taken away by gallery or museum collectors, scholars and tourists.

    Anor Miku is trying to revive the tradition of wearing long, complicated necklaces by creating them by hand, sometimes requiring a full day just to finish one, such as this 26” black and white eight-strand necklace. A unique feature is the hand crocheted clasp with glass bead closure. This necklace makes a unique and daring accessory for a night out, work or play.

Artist lntroduction


Anor Miku is a member of the Amis tribe from one of its older villages, Wuhe Village in eastern Taiwan’s Hualien County. She creates hand blown glass beads, and although not a traditional art form of the Amis, she imbues them with tribal motifs and colors, such as those associated with the chieftain, warriors and women. Anor Miku says that these beads serve as an interface for her culture, allowing her to leave knowledge behind for future generations, as the traditional ornaments that she remembers from her grandparents are gone, now mostly in the hands of collectors.