Hand beaded necklace--Amis fish trap

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Hand beaded necklace--Amis fish trap
Artist: Piyaw
Size: Pendant 11cm x 8cm (3.5in x 2.5in) with 13-inch chain

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Product Description

This hand beaded necklace is a unique cultural piece. It is not only a gorgeous accessory, but also tells an interesting story. The pendant part of this necklace is meant to resemble a traditional fish trap of the Amis tribe. The Amis practiced ecologically friendly fishing. They would place a conical, tapered bamboo trap in a river. Fish would swim into the trap and be unable to find their way out. Then, all the fisherman had to do was to lift the trap out of the water and collect his catch. The chain part of the necklace depicts fish swimming into the trap.


Artist lntroduction


Piyaw is a member of the Amis tribe, living in Taibalang Village in Hualien County in eastern Taiwan. She began to create pottery in 1994 as a hobby. Then, in 2002, she studied how to make pottery beads. Traditionally, Amis made ornaments using natural, local materials, and even from leftover clay from making everyday ceramic objects. But, there was no purposeful research and development. Today, Piyaw works to combine her pottery beads with smaller, colored beads to create unique accessories and wall hangings.