Amis patterned hand woven scarf

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Amis patterned hand woven scarf
Artist: Miku
Size: 150cm x 12cm (59in x 4.5in)
Weight(g): 150

Shipping (EMS): USD$ 10.5
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Price: USD$ 75.41
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Product Description

This brightly colored sash makes up part of the traditional costume during important Amis ceremonies such as the harvest festival. Sashes are woven by hand using a wooden loom, and take about one week to complete. They feature pink, red, blue and black, colors preferred by the Amis, as well as traditional tribal motifs.

This sash can be adapted to contemporary uses, either worn around the waist as an attention-getting accessory or around the neck as a scarf to brighten up dreary winter days.

Artist lntroduction


Miku is a member of the Amis tribe, living in Taitung County’s Dulan Village in eastern Taiwan. Dulan is the location of the tribe’s sacred mountain, and this inspired her to take up the tradition of loom weaving five years ago, creating traditional items such as ceremonial sashes, shawls and bags, as well as more contemporary works such as handbags and cell phone covers. In addition to studying weaving methods, she also works to learn tribal motifs to incorporate them into her work and creates her own designs as well.