Ceramic tile painting--Flower in Bloom

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Ceramic tile painting--Flower in Bloom
Artist: Jimi
Size: 25.5cm x 21cm (10in x 8.5in)
Weight(g): 640

Shipping (EMS): USD$ 15.7
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Price: USD$ 82.85
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Product Description

Most of a large blossom is painted in a riotous profusion of colors. Red appears to dominate, however, a color associated with the heat that accompanies late spring or early summer in Taiwan.

Jimi creates drawings and paintings on paper and canvas. However, this painting is on ceramic tile, the results of his search for new media. It can be framed and hung on a wall.



Artist lntroduction


Jimi’s parents are from the Bunun and Tsou tribes. He grew up in Puli Town of Nantou County in central Taiwan, mostly among the Bunun tribe, thus considers himself more Bunun than Tsou. Puli is well known throughout Taiwan for its crystal clear waters and natural beauty. From a young age, Jimi started photographing the plant life and scenery around his home, and that has influenced his art. Jimi also likes to explore his personality and to express the results of that exploration in abstract form, creating some interesting modern art works.